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What is VCCT?  


VCCT (Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing)

The most effective way to manage HIV/AIDS is through early diagnosis.  Once an individual knows their HIV status they are empowered to access appropriate treatment, and to implement lifestyle changes necessary to manage their health.

Participants access Lifeworks' VCCT using one of two options:
  • Onsite (at their place of work), using Lifeworks' dedicated VCCT team, OR
  • Offsite (close to their place of work or residence), using Lifeworks' private doctor network.
Lifeworks' VCCT is provided using WHO-approved HIV1/2 rapid antibody tests.  These tests provide results within 10-20 minutes, allowing for a single consultation.  Tests are either of the finger-prick blood or oral exudate variety.  All positive results are confirmed immediately using an additional rapid test of a different make.
Following each VCCT intervention, a detailed statistical report is provided (no participant names are divulged at any stage) covering participation rates, HIV prevalence rates and other relevant information.

All counselling (pre and post-test) and testing is conducted by qualified nursing sisters, trained and experienced in HIV/AIDS.

Participants are required to sign informed consent forms to ensure legal compliance.

Lifeworks ensures that Patient Confidentiality is maintained throughout the execution of all VCCT interventions.